Some Advice on Using TikTok for Your Brand’s Promotion

There seems to be a new wave in digital marketing every few months that radically alters how various social media sites function. TikTok, a brand-new video-sharing app, has arrived at just the right time.

TikTok is one of the most rapidly expanding social media sites, with well over 800 million users. The network encourages users to express their individuality and creativity by allowing them to share films that can include everything from lip-syncing to full-blown music videos.

Numerous celebrities and regular people have recently taken to making videos of their own creation. The software is up to date with functions like live streaming and a variety of filters, and users may create films that are either 15 seconds or 60 seconds long. The programme has been updated to appeal to today’s youth.

Since the popularity of TikTok has increased, many people are wondering how they may leverage it to increase awareness of your product or service. Several companies have been testing and promoting their brands through its use. TikTok Marketing, namely influencer marketing, is being used by some of the most successful branding agencies in Gurgaon today.

Being an active member of the community on popular social media platforms is an important aspect of our job as a social media marketing business in Gurgaon, therefore we’ve included some helpful hints and examples from our own experience below. Permit me to present the following:

1. Let’s Take A Tour Of Your TikTok Feeds

Once you’ve signed up for TikTok, it’s time to go out and see what other people are doing with the app. There are two primary streams on the platform.

To You: These movies are recommended to you based on your preferences and behaviour within the app, making your feed more tailored to you with continued use.

YouTube’s “Following” feature lets you view a stream of videos uploaded by the users you’ve selected.

2. Begin Networking And Following Profiles

Like Facebook and Instagram, the app features a “like,” “comment,” and “share” button for user-generated content. As you use the app and it learns more about you through your interactions with other users and the stuff they provide, it will gradually begin to show you more relevant and interesting content in your feed. When you’re on the Discover tab, you may use the magnifying glass to perform a targeted search for specific accounts or videos. Popularity, user names, video titles, audio, and hashtags are just some of the ways you can narrow down your search results.

3. Record Your Very First TikTok

Preparing to record your first TikTok. After you’ve finished recording and editing your TikTok, you can launch your channel. You can also work with other users to make material in response to challenges that trend via hashtags, or even make duets with them. See how people respond, and use that to inform future videos.

4. Use Hashtag Challenges To Draw In User-Generated Content.

Hashtag challenges are a great way to get people talking about you on social media because they’re something distinctive. They show that your customers consider you to speak for them. That’s a great way to get feedback from customers directly from the company. Two instances are as follows:

Chipotle: Open Its Lid

The hashtag #ChipotleLidFlip went viral. The challenge was to demonstrate that you can successfully replace the bowl’s lid without touching the bowl itself. The challenge was created to advertise the company’s free delivery offer for Cinco de Mayo. In addition to providing free shipping, this also gave their customers a place to buy their wares and engage in interactive entertainment with them. Through the use of the hashtag, they were able to spread the content to their followers and increase the number of people who saw it.


In the fashion industry, one excellent example is the #InMyDenim challenge that GUESS and TikTok hosted together to promote the brand’s latest denim collections with the support of influential content creators in the United States. When it comes to denim, influencer marketing and TikTok marketing work hand in hand since fans of these influencers will be eager to document their own denim makeovers.

5. Don’t Take Advertising Your Wares So Seriously.

In light of the fact that the app’s target demographic consists primarily of young people, give some thought to how you may make the material more interesting and entertaining for them. Most of the videos posted on TikTok are humorous in nature. If you try to bore your viewers with a boring product video, they will click away from your page within the following few seconds. Marketing your goods on social media? Gurgaon is home to some of the world’s finest branding agencies. Two instances are as follows:


NBA does a great job of capturing the attention of its target demographic by releasing a variety of content that creatively and enthusiastically honours both the league and the sport it represents. They show each other a highlight film of mascots making slam dunks and other trick shots while upbeat music plays in the background. Amusing clips of the halftime show antics have also been uploaded. These are humorous and enjoyable.

Many fitness centres also share instructional materials, such as video demonstrations of exercises. This is perfect for reaching their intended demographic of health and fitness buffs. Stretching challenges, boxing tutorials, games, and motivational tales are some of the other types of videos that can be seen on TikTok. Their target demographic naturally wants to know how to improve their current workout routine and how to maintain their motivation as they continue to strive toward their fitness goals. This is a brilliant way to subtly advertise their exercise gear.

6. Communicate With The Right People Who Can Make A Difference

You may make a lot of money by having influential people promote your work to their large audiences. However, you’ll need to choose the proper influencer who is well-known and can generate substantial sales. It’s important to think about your goals and budget before you start searching for an influencer. For assistance with developing effective influencer marketing strategies, seek out the services of a top social media agency in Gurgaon.