Five Strategies For Expanding Your Social Media Following

Increasing one’s online fan base is a common goal these days. While a sizable fan base is certainly impressive, we all know that actual engagement is what really matters. In reality, what matters most is attracting the attention of the proper individuals and keeping their interest. The individuals that genuinely appreciate your work. On the other hand, it’s simpler to say than to actually execute. Gaining an audience is a process that takes time.

If you want to increase your social media following quickly and easily, then read this piece. These are easy actions you can take on a regular basis (daily, weekly, or monthly) to make a difference.

Methods for Expanding Your Social Media Followings

Go over the items and schedule some time in the next week or two to get started.

1. Provide in-the-moment updates to reflect on your day (Daily Task)

‘Document, don’t create,’ as Gary Vaynerchuk puts it. Nor does he imply that you should stop making articles, films, etc., that are longer in length. Gary, on the other hand, suggests keeping a journal of one’s travels.

No need to overthink things when all you’re doing is sharing quick updates as you go about your day and inviting others to tag along. Planning ahead is unnecessary. Just be yourself and keep showing up regularly.

Why? This is so because others may learn more about you by reading your spontaneous, in-the-moment updates. By giving them a glimpse into your daily routine, you may increase the Know, Like, and Trust Factor with them. Over time, you’ll earn their trust and they’ll be more likely to buy from you or refer you to others.

2. Set aside dedicated time for interaction (Daily Task)

Investing time in other people is one of the most effective ways to expand your social media following. Your brand will benefit greatly from your efforts to network and cultivate relationships online. It’s an excellent method for raising your profile because it guarantees you won’t be hiding away. More so, there is no worse brand than one that doesn’t care about the people that buy their product.

The moment to start making participation a top priority is now. Set aside 15 to 30 minutes every day to check your social media accounts. Listen for openings to insert your own thoughtful commentary into ongoing discussions. Find popular and current posts in your niche and comment on them on Instagram by searching for relevant hashtags. Join discussions in the Facebook groups you already follow. Furthermore, if you’re on Twitter, you might like to check out a Twitter Spaces discussion or join a Twitter chat. Be sure you set up at least an hour to talk, though!

3. Establish a Recurring Series (Weekly Task)

No one wants their feed cluttered with strange profiles they have no interest in. The material that truly interests them is what they’re after. This means that it is now somewhat more difficult to gain a substantial following. You’ll need to put in extra effort if you want people to not just follow you, but also keep reading and commenting on your posts. The key is to keep people wanting more, so figure out what it is.

And a regular series is the best way to achieve it. This is a great way to increase your social media following since it guarantees you’ll be active and helpful on a regular basis. Yet, how can one begin such a series? The first step should be to choose a medium for your series. After that, you may begin drafting your content outline. 

  • Do a weekly Spaces chat on Twitter. A Twitter conversation can be run in a similar fashion as a series.
  • Facebook: Stream live on your company page once a week.
  • Weekly Instagram livestreams or video uploads to Instagram TV are encouraged.

 Getting the word out ahead of time will give people something to anticipate, which will increase their level of interest and enthusiasm.

4. Focus more on video production and distribution (Weekly Task)

The truth is that online video isn’t going away anytime soon. In 2021, it was estimated that 92 percent of the world’s internet users have seen an online video. It was also found that instructional videos were among the most-watched content kinds. Hence, you should think about ways to increase the amount of video in your brand’s content strategy.

The most popular video-sharing apps right now are TikTok and Instagram Reels. Moreover, both are rather brief, so you won’t have to shoot a tonne of extra material. It’s recommended that you begin by trying to record a video every week. You might start out by posting videos occasionally and ramping up if you notice that your audience is responding well.

5. In order to measure development, step 5 is to examine data (Monthly Task)

While putting these social media growth hacks into action, it’s important to monitor your metrics. Every month, you should review your social media platforms’ native analytics capabilities as well as any other analytics software you may be employing.

See if you’ve been effective in attracting new fans and check your progress there. Find out which articles have received the most attention. Then you may make more of what works by following the same formula. Moreover, by providing more of what people appreciate, you’ll increase your number of followers, the number of times their content is shared, and the amount of time they spend on your site.