Instagram’s Size And Format Requirements For Videos In 2023

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Assuming you are familiar with Instagram’s recommended video size, format, shape, and other criteria, shooting videos on your smartphone and instantly uploading them is a breeze. To be fair, not everyone is aware of these requirements up front.

However, there are certain difficulties in making high-quality Instagram videos. Frustration might set in if you aren’t aware of the optimal video resolution and file size.

This article will save you time and effort by explaining all the important details of Instagram videos, such as the format, specs, size, and other considerations that will allow you to make the most of Instagram and get the best possible outcomes.

Where on Instagram may video be shared?

Videos posted to Instagram’s Feed are extremely popular. It’s not only your Instagram feed where you may share videos on Instagram.

Whatsapp Recollections

Instagram Stories are a simple, quick, and entertaining method for users to stay in touch with their loved ones. Brands may promote their products by including them in the user narrative feeds. Advertisers should make sure their spots don’t interrupt the story’s natural rhythm. In such case, they can just leave with a swipe.

Real-time video

Instagram now supports live video streaming to your audience. It’s a great method of reaching out to others and sharing your ideas. It’s a fantastic medium for marketers to instantly reach a wide audience. However, you will not have the option to make changes to your final video. After the original airing concludes, the video is no longer available for viewing.

Instagram Movies

Instagram reels are short-form videos that may generate a lot of attention for your content. Now that reels have taken over IGTV, users may post pre-filmed films of up to 15 minutes in length.

Thus, reels offer a significant means of interacting with your audience through video. Instagram now supports reels, so you can share compilations of short videos much like on TikTok. The films are simple to make and post, and the structure is similar to that of other Instagram videos. Additionally, in-app editing makes it simple to experiment with different audio and visual effects.

What Should Your Instagram Video Resolution Be?

I’d want to have a conversation on the optimal Instagram video size. Typically, pixel dimensions will be provided. However, the ratio of the horizontal to vertical dimensions of a video is referred to as its aspect ratio.

The ratio of a rectangle’s width to its height is its aspect ratio. An aspect ratio of 11 or 22 indicates a perfect square. However, the aspect ratio of a rectangle can be as high as 169. Instagram’s preferred shape is a 9-by-16-pixel rectangle.

For videos under 10 minutes in length, the recommended maximum file size is 650MB.

Your video may have strange black bars down the sides if you don’t utilise the correct aspect ratio. Instagram does this to make better use of the available space by trimming the margins of the video.

When it comes to video, not all sizes and ratios are created equal. See what dimensions and sizes are suggested for each category.

Instagram’s Live and Story features

For optimal viewing on Instagram, your video should be 1080px wide and 1920px in height. This aspect ratio works well for Instagram stories and Instagram Live videos.

Videos from Instagram Feed

Videos with varying aspect ratios can be shared in feed postings. Videos posted to feeds should ideally be 1080p in landscape orientation and 1080p in portrait orientation. Instagram’s maximum file size for videos posted to feeds is 4 gigabytes.

You may upload a video with any aspect ratio, including squares and verticals. Since Instagram’s screen doesn’t tilt, and most people hold their phones in portrait orientation, square videos end up seeming too tiny.

In general, you shouldn’t be concerned about posting horizontal videos on Instagram. That’s the best approach to guarantee people will pay attention.

Final Thoughts!

With over a billion users, Instagram is a powerful platform for expanding your business’s reach. Most Instagram users follow at least one business account, giving companies a large potential audience.

In addition, Instagram has made it incredibly simple for any business or marketer to use video marketing thanks to the numerous tools at their disposal, including Feed, Live, Instagram stories, Reels, and Video advertisements. Therefore, making high-quality videos should be every company’s number one objective. The importance for complete knowledge of Instagram video production cannot be overstated.

Format-specific video requirements exist on Instagram. Once you’ve settled on a video format, meeting the technical requirements will be much less of a hassle.

It may seem like a lot of work to learn all the specifics, but you’ll be glad you did. Observing the guidelines will make your video more polished and engaging, which in turn will make your audience want to see more from you. On the other side, if you don’t use the right settings for your video, it may seem bad and cause people to lose interest.

Now that you have the proper eyewear, you can get started making fantastic Instagram marketing videos for your company.

It is crucial to carefully analyse your marketing goals and intended audience when you generate content ideas for your video marketing plan. Content curation also makes use of keyword research and content strategy based on current trends with the use of technologies like SocialPilot.