Instagram SEO Hacks: 8 Secrete Tips You Need To Try In 2022

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When compared with other social media platforms, the popularity of Instagram is incredible. Over 1.3 billion monthly active users, it is the most favorite social media application people like to share their content. Instagram is the best platform for brands to communicate with their audience and grow their online visibility. You need to do a lot of smart techniques on your Instagram business profile to grow your brand. Follow this article to learn some Instagram hacks in 2022.

1. Unique And Interesting Content

Once you get more followers and friends on your account, this is the time to post content on your page. Create interesting content to keep your followers on your account and engage in your unique content. If you want your visitors to stay engaged and active on your content, you should post unique content regularly. Try to post content consistently to make your followers interested and stay constant on their minds. Make a look at your competitor’s page and find the latest content to create your future post.

2. Trendy Hashtags 

Hashtags play a vital role in Instagram to make content popular. Not all hashtags work every time, it may expire from trending hashtags. Before posting your content on Instagram, you should analyze the trending hashtags to add to your post. Using the right hashtags in your post will increase your chance to climb up in the search results. While using an Instagram business account, it is essential to know the latest trends to avoid loading potential followers on your page. 

3. Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is a good place to broadcast your business messages. You can speak with your audience and attract new visitors to your page through the bio section. Using website URL in bio is the right way to generate high-quality SEO backlinks to your website from Instagram business profile. You could improve the user experience for your visitors by writing a pleasant Instagram bio for your profile.

4. Schedule Your Instagram Post

If you want more followers to your account, you should post your content at the right time. Analyze your followers’ engagement time on Instagram and post your content to get more viral. It can increase the visibility of your post and position on the explore page. The best posting time varies depending on your business, location, and current circumstances. Using the Instagram automation tool, you could schedule your content on your Instagram profile.

5. Stories Highlights On Instagram

Instagram story highlights are more useful for visitors to view your old stories and get more information about your business. On Instagram stories, you have the possibility of inserting your website link to get more PBN backlinks from Instagram. You need to add names for all different highlights to show a variance of your products or services. Think about the type of your content and sort it into different categories. To make highlight covers, you can use solid colors to make things easier for your visitors.

6. Create A Brand Image

To increase the awareness of your brand, it’s important to have a cohesive brand image. You need to choose the theme and color scheme for creating a brand image. Use the common color of your business to make it easy to identify. Use filters to edit your page to balance the colors of your photos. Keep in mind how you want to show your account to people. 

7. Show Your Brand’s Personality

No one likes old and boring captions to see or view on Instagram. To improve your organic traffic, try to create interesting and engaging content to post on your profile. Content could be video, image, quotes more. People spend more time on Instagram to see videos and reels.


Instagram SEO is part of your strategy to improve your discoverability on Instagram. Your content getting more reach means you will get a quick increase in your followers to count. Use the above SEO hacks to develop your Instagram business in 2022.