6 Effective Instagram Reels Content Ideas

We can’t all be Adobe Premiere experts and CapCut masters.

Just as some of us were getting the hang of taking polished photographs and curating a visually appealing page, Instagram threw us for a loop and introduced Reels.

Quick, digestible video is trending, so adapt or watch your Instagram following dwindle…

…Do you think?

Here are some suggestions for Instagram Reels that won’t force you to become a video editing pro. There is no cinematic video, no cuts, and no attempts to “cut on the beat” for three hours.

Instead, we’ve gathered some simple yet effective strategies that can help you expand your Instagram following and have some fun while doing it.

6 Effective Ideas for Effortless Instagram Video Reels

Live It Up With Some Lip Sync

The secret to becoming popular on Instagram Reels is to channel your inner drag queen, uncover current music, and apply it to your niche.

Even though you have to put on a face and memorise certain lines, lip synching often only needs one take. It’s the most efficient approach to make a number of Instagram Reels in a short amount of time without resorting to the infinite loop of jump cuts.

Just make sure your lip sync is spot on and add some text at the top of your video.

When it comes to your company, how would you “relate an audio”? Consider how you might connect this to the benefits you offer to customers or the brand’s core principles.

Here’s a case in point.

Consider yourself an anti-hustle business counsellor. You should search for sound clips like the notorious “I don’t dream of labour” one that back up that claim.

You might also try searching for a relevant audio clip to your industry. Photographers and videographers at weddings know the frustration of attempting to capture the perfect moment only to have random guests walk into frame.

Making a Time-Lapse Video

Dislike lip sync performances? Sure thing, buddy.

I’d like to share with you the simplest Instagram Reels concept ever: time-lapse videos.

The process begins with you recording video snippets of your regular activities. Launch the camera app, select the timelapse mode, and start recording.

You may engage with your audience and promote your brand while on vacation or by sharing glimpses into the inner workings of your business.

When you’re finished, all you have to do is choose a music clip and publish your time-lapse movie to Instagram, and you’ll have a Reel.

Simple as pie.

The popularity of time-lapse films on Instagram Reels begs the question: why? It’s a conversation starter. The fast-paced nature of the video material requires the spectator to pay close attention to every second.

It’s a lot more personal, too. Instagram users have been increasingly demanding less curated content. Without the need for edits or filters, a time-lapse film may give viewers a glimpse into your daily life.

By adding a brief caption above the video, you may increase your retention rate and provide a signal to the algorithm to show the video to more users.

Just One Clip Will Do

Instagram Reels follow a general rule of thumb. Users will be less likely to skip your movie if you trim it every two seconds.

Ugh. As if.

Wow, that’s a whole lot of work, right?

Fortunately, there are ways to break this guideline without hurting your ideas. You only need one short video and one short audio clip. There can be no quick cutbacks made. Huzzah!

…There is, however, a catch.

Make sure your one-minute video is interesting. Choose a clip with some sort of motion, whether it’s the camera panning or your own movement, and make sure the music and visuals surprise or delight the viewer.

Make Instagram Movies using Canva

Want to market your business with minimal work yet high returns? Visit Canva, a web-based graphic editor that doesn’t cost you anything.

The software has two amazing features:

One, a GIF may be made from any video or still image.

Second, animated GIFs may be uploaded and used in your layout.

It’s a great method to express yourself, spice up your writing, and sidestep the need to master the newest transition technique.

What methods do you employ to track down GIFs? Giphy.

The greatest place to locate a movie or pop culture clip for your Reel. Simply enter your search term in the search field and peruse the results to pick an appropriate GIF. After finishing the video, you may download it to your computer and then post it to Canva.

Where to Listen for Popular Tunes on Instagram

Do you want your Instagram Reels to become viral? Finding where sound is at its peak is an art that must be mastered. The genre’s popularity is rising but has not yet reached its zenith.


When everyone follows the latest fad, the algorithm becomes saturated with it, and users eventually ignore it out of boredom. Your work has a better chance of being included on the Explore Page if you target a trending, emerging sound.

Promote Your Company Using Instagram Reels

It’s time to put these suggestions into action and think beyond the box. Start planning your next week’s or month’s worth of Instagram Reels by creating a free Plann account right now.

Plan your content around topics and use the Strategy tool to organise your posts.

Create hashtag sets to save yourself some time.

Use the Calendar tool to keep yourself on track and ensure you have enough content to post often.