5 Varieties Of Instagram Influencers You’ve Probably Seen Before

Instagram and the influencer marketing sector have both seen explosive growth recently.

As well they should, too! I’ll bet you didn’t realise that the return on investment (ROI) for influencer marketing is 11 times that of more conventional digital advertising strategies. Or how about the fact that, as many as 94% of marketers who have employed influencer marketing say it is effective?

Five Classes of Instagram Celebrities

1. The Eternal Traveler

The everlasting traveller is an influencer because they’re constantly somewhere exotic – flooding your page with photographs of great locations. They’re some of the most jealousy-inducing FOMO (fear of missing out) Instagram accounts out there.

How do they obtain all of those fantastic photographs, you might ask? Yeah, you won’t believe it, but companies actually pay these nomads to represent their brand wherever they go.

Whether you’re planning a vacation or just want to live vicariously, following a handful of today’s top travel influencers on Instagram may provide you insight into how to show off the finest views of any place.

2. The Entrepreneurial Guru

If all you see on your feed is profound advice, you’ve found the entrepreneurial guru influencer.

By paving the way for new firms and entrepreneurs, these influencers have amassed a sizable fan base. Inspiring quotes, videos, new course offers, and the newest top business recommendations are what you can normally anticipate.

Oh, and don’t overlook their profiles’ accompanying biographies! CEO as seen in Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, Time, and More is a common claim. In addition to serving as professional role models, these business owners frequently shed light on the happenings at industry conferences that we can only dream of attending.

3. Third, a Health and Fitness Guru

You recognise the fitness guru influencer because they’re constantly donning the newest in Outdoor Voices and sharing their cutting edge exercise or dietary tips. They’re also helpful for the occasional motivation as well as offering insights into a personal life that can effect their workouts or sponsorship arrangements.

The health and fitness guru motivates us to be physically active and healthy.

4. Four, The Zen Master

The zen master influencer posts inspirational quotes, meditation tips, and cool new yoga positions on Instagram.

With more than 200 million individuals practising yoga globally, the opportunity for Instagram influencers has blossomed in this niche over the past several years. A single influencer has claimed to routinely earn $25,000 every Instagram post.

A basic rule of thumb, according to Forbes, is that an Instagram user with 100,000 followers may charge $5,000 for a post published in conjunction with a corporation or brand.

5. The Mother Blogger

The “mommy blogger” influencer is a total boss that manages to take on a full-time job, three kids, and a side hustle all while maintaining a blog that produces more than 100k views per monthand a highly engaged Instagram feed with hundreds of comments on every post.

Their niche is an audience of men, women, and everyone in-between that love to follow along with interesting recipes, life with kids, and experiences in the big city. For instance, Lauren’s Newest is a “professional recipe creator who regularly publishes posts on her family’s favourite restaurants, special occasions, and dish plans.”

The best thing about mother influencers is that they act as a kind of Instagram parent guru, sharing their thoughts on parenting and other topics.

Advice From Instagram Stars

Now that you’ve studied our taxonomy of top Instagram Influencers, it’s time to put that information to action.

If you’re a PR pro or brand marketer, it’s never too late to get started with an influencer plan of your own.

An booklet with tips on how to inspire in-house content production is available for free download if you find yourself inspired by the material that influencers make and want to persuade coworkers to become brand ambassadors.