The Instagram Guide: A Comprehensive Resource

Introducing Instagram Guides, a fresh new feature and content type came to Instagram in 2020.

Guides were made accessible for specific accounts and organisations that offered Covid-19-related information and resources.
But, with recent changes, Guides are now a cutting-edge tool utilised by marketers, social media administrators, and content producers alike.

What are Instagram Guides? How do they function? How can you make your own? 

Explain Instagram guides and why you would want to follow one

When it comes to recommending destinations, goods, and more via Instagram posts, nothing beats a lengthy, article-like Instagram Guide.

The Instagram interface is updated to include a Guides tab after you’ve made your first one, joining the ones for Posts and IGTV. A PC version and a mobile app, both with this functionality, are now offered.

You may create compilations of items or locations, like guides to great cities, must-try foods, and more, by grouping related articles together under a single Guide.

Guides are fantastic for companies and enterprises because they allow them to group together collections of items or posts that all share a common theme or function.

Guides are a place for creators and bloggers to provide and get honest feedback on branded items.

Creators, marketers, businesses, and influencers can all benefit from using Instagram Guides to take their Instagram marketing to the next level and produce more engaging, informative, and evocative material for their followers.

It appears that Instagram posts with a geotag may now be found using a search. Instagram now displays Guides recommendations alongside location-tagged posts.

As a result, profiles and Guides, in particular, can now receive more organic traffic from companies and influencers.

What is the procedure for Instagram guides?

In Instagram Guides, influencers and companies make a creative claim by including advice, hacks, suggestions, and opinion on a certain topic in their feed, all packaged up in interesting language and visually appealing visuals.

Instagram Guide Varieties

There are currently three distinct categories from which Instagrammers may curate their Guides:

Products —

If you wish to write a Guide on a certain product, you should first check to see if it is currently being sold in an active Instagram Shop (whether it is your own or created by another firm). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to compile a product guide for an item that doesn’t exist on Instagram.

Posts —

You may use your own Instagram posts that you’ve previously archived or shared to populate this Guide.

Place —

An outline of the many locations you’ve seen. Guides of this type have a built-in link to a Google map of the area you’ve chosen to highlight.

Find Instagram Guide

When you’ve made at least one Instagram Guide, you’ll see the Guides icon (a little booklet) alongside the IGTV icon and the posts tab on your profile page.

Let’s get even further into developing your first Instagram Guide.

Making a Guide for Instagram: What You Need to Know

To add a new photo or video to your Instagram account, go to your main profile page and click the + sign in the upper right corner. A drop-down option will appear, from which you may select Guide.
If you read a Guide all the way through to the end and then click the Make Guide button, you can make your own Guide.

Choose either “Places” or “Products” or “Posts” as the Guide Type for your new Guide.

You can compile Instagram geotags into “Places,” which is a great way to show off your favourite restaurants, hotels, and nightlife spots or to propose a route for a future trip.
Items Reviews of items that have been uploaded to Instagram stores, including your own store.
Posts are collections of photos and videos from Instagram that you’ve taken or saved.

Choose the product you will be reviewing.

You may do this by doing a fresh search or selecting a brand from the search results before selecting a product. 

Choose images to represent various topics in your Guide.

Use as many pictures as you like in your Guide. Posts from yourself or your shop’s items can be included here as well.

Simply insert the title, select a cover, and begin writing!

Your ability to think creatively and imaginatively is the only constraint. Give your readers the benefit of your knowledge by sharing your ideas, opinions, and tricks. Select an attention-grabbing Guide title and complete the remaining fields. A user should be able to tell what your Guide is about as soon as they open it, so try to be descriptive and easy to recognise.

One’s profile picture will often be their guide’s cover. Simply choose a new image and click the “Change Cover Picture” button to make the switch. You can’t just pick any old picture from your phone’s gallery and make it your profile picture; you have to use an image that’s already in your account, either as a saved or published photo.

Keep in mind that the Guide will not show up on the posts tab (the main grid of your account), so you can rest easy if the cover photo doesn’t quite mesh with your feed’s style.

You may now include additional goods for evaluation, as well as names and photos specifically for those products.
Just tap the ellipses (three dots) next to a product, select “Change the products order,” and then drag and drop to rearrange the list. Just grab a product by its tab and move it to a new location to rearrange its list position.

After you’ve been done, proceed by tapping the “Next” button.

Get your Guide out there.

When you’re through with the tutorial, it will display as a tab on your profile page and you’ll be able to add it to your tales.