Instagram marketing errors that your rivals likely aren’t doing

It’s easy to feel disheartened when your rivals’ posts garner more likes on Instagram than your own, despite the fact that you spent hours crafting the ideal Instagram post with a well-written comment.

There is no one certain method for raising your Instagram likes or becoming an Instagram pro. Yet, you may be committing some standard Instagram marketing errors that are damaging your likes.

You may never be sure of what your rivals are up to behind the scenes; they may be pouring an excessive amount of energy into their Instagram account.

By going through four potential blunders you could be making, we can guarantee that your account is ready to go.

Neglecting to update at optimal times

You’d be surprised, but the time of day that you click “Post” affects the number of likes that you receive. The challenge lies in the fact that the ideal posting time for one brand may differ from that of another. You can be missing out on a lot of interaction if you haven’t identified the optimum time to publish for your business or aren’t posting at those times.

There are probably a handful of great periods where your followers are most active on Instagram, but this may vary depending on the demographics of your audience. If you want them to view your content when it’s fresh, schedule publication for then. The higher the first interaction, the more likely the algorithm will be to continue displaying it to individuals in the future.

You could be thinking that it doesn’t really matter what time you post on Instagram because the feed isn’t shown in chronological order anymore. Well, that’s not quite right.

Time your posts to go live when they are most likely to generate the most interest from your audience. This will signal to both your other followers and Instagram that the content you’ve shared is valuable. The optimum time to release such content is when most of your followers are actively using the app. More Instagram likes will be the result of doing this.

The optimal posting time for your social media updates will change depending on the nature of your business and the demographics of your audience.

Acquiring Adherents

This is a serious error with potentially far-reaching consequences.

It is against Instagram’s rules to buy likes or followers. In this case, they can do anything from deleting the paid followers to suspending or permanently blocking your account. Buying followers seems like a good idea when you need to quickly reach a particular number of supporters. In our opinion, you shouldn’t bother.

Another reason not to purchase followers is that doing so might reduce your interaction rate, which is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve.

You want to increase your Instagram likes, but only to a reasonable quantity in relation to your following count. Your thousands of followers won’t amount to much if all your posts average 10 or 20 likes per. Having a large number of followers but low levels of engagement might be detrimental to your Instagram reputation. When potential supporters notice this inconsistency, they may decide against supporting you because they lose faith in your integrity.

Another way a large gap between your follower count and your engagement rate might hurt you is in forming partnerships with brands or influencers. To be sure, this matters most to the influencers, but it may have an effect on the brand’s side of the collaboration as well.

The Repetition in Your Material Is Annoying

Your Instagram posts should be interesting and entertaining to your followers.

People will visit your page to decide whether or not to follow you if you employ organic marketing strategies. They won’t give you a second shot if your content is uninteresting or repetitive.

Quickly see how dynamic your material is. Launch Instagram and navigate to your profile. Have a look at pictures 1 through 9. Would you call them novel, interesting, or captivating? Is it tempting to click on them even without knowing what they’re supposed to represent? A lack of excitement is usually indicative of monotony. Substantially repeating the same elements might get monotonous. Maintaining a steady stream of posts on Instagram is important, but so is mixing things up every now and again.

The next step is to make sure your material is noticeable when it appears in someone’s feed. You need a visual or image that stops people in their scrolling tracks and encourages them to look at it. Make sure your Instagram posts stand out from the crowd. To increase interaction, your photographs can’t appear like everyone else’s.

Rather, you should strive to add diversity to your material so that it is both interesting and engaging. Try out a wide range of content formats and styles. Create a Reel or two and share them on Instagram to watch how they do now that the feature is available. Instead, you might make an IGTV video and share the first minute of it on your feed. Make a visual representation of a quotable statement or interesting fact to share with others. Experiment with various hues to determine which ones get the attention of your target market.

A failure to use a question or a call to action

This is a critical blunder that, fortunately, has a simple solution.

Each and every one of your updates should end with a clear call to action. Like the post, subscribe to your newsletter, check out your Stories, or grab your freebie.

If you’re stuck for a call to action (CTA) that works perfectly with your content, now is your chance to be imaginative.
You might be losing out on greater participation from your audience if you don’t actively encourage it. While it appears obvious, some individuals fail to consider it.