What Color Palette Would Work Best on Instagram and Why?

Instagram has emerged in recent years as the ideal medium for advertising and socialising, especially among the younger demographic. Instagram has over a billion users, many of them are bloggers and social media influencers who rake in the dough. Content that is both interesting and aesthetically appealing is essential for drawing in viewers. You might get more likes and followers on Instagram if your profile is bright and colourful.

It might be challenging to decide on an Instagram colour scheme or overall aesthetic. It’s essential that a blogger’s theme reflect their individuality and the tone of their posts. A company’s identity, mission, and purpose should be reflected in its chosen personnel.

Discover the best colours to use on Instagram and some tricks to make your photos stand out in this comprehensive guide.

Do Accounts Need To Have The Same Color Scheme On Instagram?

This is not a yes-or-no question; rather, it requires more nuanced consideration. Beautiful pictures with a subtle colour transition tend to get more attention. When using a pastel colour scheme on Instagram, for instance, all of your photographs should fall inside the gradient for optimal aesthetic appeal.

How to Choose a Stunning Instagram Color Scheme?

If you’re looking to launch a professional blogging career or simply like sharing photos online, here are some tips for creating a visually appealing Instagram feed.

Incorporate Your Company’s Color Here

It’s possible that many Instagram users would agree that selecting a vivid and energetic colour scheme is the way to go. Nonetheless, you should think about how accurately it conveys the message of your brand.

The rainbow colour palette is not the ideal choice for a classy and professional brand. The colour scheme you choose should reflect the character of your business. A brand’s image might be tarnished by using an unorthodox or chaotic colour scheme, leading customers to go elsewhere.

Be Creative and Come Up With a Concept

If something catches someone’s eye on Instagram, they are more likely to like it, comment on it, and follow the account associated with it.

Developing a consistent aesthetic for your Instagram account is an important first step. One strategy is to use Instagram to create a visual depiction of your business, therefore incorporating a certain atmosphere into your brand’s overall identity.

If you’re going for an outdoorsy vibe, for instance, every photo must have some element that pertains to the great outdoors. In this way, consumers will begin to identify your company with that particular concept.

Rely on “Color Theory”

Using colour theory, you may create a profile that stands out from the crowd and appeals to potential clients. Primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours can be mixed and matched to produce one of three primary colour schemes. Adobe and Canva are just two examples of programmes that may help you choose the ideal colour palette using principles of colour theory.

It’s a good idea to get acquainted with these colour schemes based on theory to get things started:


Luxury goods companies often choose a monochromatic colour scheme since it is instantly recognisable as exclusive and sophisticated. This means you zero in on a single color—or a limited palette of shades and tints of that color—and stick to it across your whole profile. Monochrome can also refer to a colour scheme consisting of just black and white. If you want your brand to be instantly recognisable by a specific feeling or hue, this is the palette for you.

Colors in the Palette of Neutrals and Pastels

These two colour (or “lack of”) palettes are ideal for conveying tranquilly, health, and optimism via your brand. Due to recent developments in the world of fashion, these two subdued colour schemes may now be considered (…cough, cliché, I mean..) standard fare. The profile of a person who uses pastels will appear more feminine and young, while that of a person who uses neutrals will appear more mature and optimistic.

Equivalent or overlapping

Images created with an analogous colour palette use only tonalities that are close to one another on the colour wheel, such as blue and purple or red and pink. The result is a profile picture that is both interesting and entertaining to look at, which is great for promoting your company.

When two colours are chosen that are diametrically opposed to one another yet nonetheless work well together, they are said to be complimentary to one another. Such as, the combination of black and red, or yellow and white. Consider using this colour palette if you want to give off an air of refined vitality.

To Create Uniform Photographs, Utilize Presets

Use comparable settings when editing and displaying your photographs to provide a unified aesthetic across your profile. Your profile might seem disorganised and unprofessional if you submit photos shot in varying lighting conditions without first adjusting the lighting settings.

Make a Progressive Shift in Color Schemes and Themes

Just because you’ve settled on a specific colour scheme or theme doesn’t mean you have to stick rigidly to it. Consider introducing seasonal or product-launch-specific colour schemes and themes.

In order to make it easier for the consumer to tell the difference between different products and seasonal promotions, transitions should be gradual. The sole recommendation is to make these adjustments routinely at predetermined intervals. If you post to Instagram with no discernible structure, your feed will look chaotic and difficult to navigate.

Blend Emotions Together

Mixing mood-indicating colour palettes such as thoughtful and introspective with more upbeat and optimistic ones can give your Instagram feed a distinctive look and feel. Using a variety of tones helps to keep things interesting and engaging. In addition, you may add some variety by switching between two or more options in order to make the whole thing flow smoothly.