Strategies For 2023 To Increase Your Instagram Following

Getting people interested in your company on Instagram isn’t simple, but it is necessary for effective promotion.

Identifying your target audience is the first step in learning how to increase your Instagram following. Develop a plan outlining who you want to join your account and how you plan to get them there.

Never forget that if you want to increase your Instagram popularity, purchasing followers is not the way to do it. It’s not a good idea to make material just for clicks. Researching your target demographic well and producing engaging content will attract genuine individuals rather than bots.

Insta-Fame: The Free and Easy Way to Expand Your Audience

1. Determine the voice and character of your brand

Your brand should have a constant voice and attitude, which may sound silly but is important. You want your online identity to come out as kind and approachable.

Making material in which an employee or, even better, a customer describes your product or service may help humanise your company and its offerings. If your product or service caters to a certain way of life, you may want to design a visual identity that reflects that.

2. Construct a plan for advertising on social media.

Your social media marketing goals should align with your larger business goals for the best results.

To what extent do you seek to expand your company’s name recognition? Improve revenue? Or maybe you want to boost your website’s visibility.

The first step in reaching your destination is defining what you want it to be. The folks over at Hootsuite have made available a downloadable, blank social media plan template to help you get started.

3. Know who you’re talking to.

If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you might as well be tossing confetti.

Age, geography, profession, and Instagram usage all help you zero in on your ideal customer. Your material should address their shared problems or lifestyle goals in order to better connect with, motivate, and inspire them. How you show your appreciation for your followers will determine how loyal they remain to you over time.

4. Create a unified aesthetic for your brand.

Your Instagram grid is a lot like a resume; it needs to make a good first impression.

As Instagram is mostly a visual platform, maintaining a uniform aesthetic in your posts is essential to establishing your brand’s identity and ensuring that they stand out from the feed.

Every of the pictures you put on your Instagram feed should be interesting and visually appealing if you want people to start following you. Your overall article layout should be aesthetically pleasant. Even if your items don’t have a unified aesthetic, you can still make them appear like they belong together by arranging them in a grid on Instagram.

5. Make sure you’re using the appropriate terms in your searches.

You need to be discoverable if you want to gain followers. To improve your visibility in search results, use the same name and username across all of your social media profiles.

If your name includes a term people are likely to use to find you, you’ll show up higher in search results. If you want to include a keyword in your user name, feel free to do so within the allowed 30 characters.

6. Employ appropriate hashtags

Much like they may follow other users, Instagram users can also follow hashtags. So, to get a larger Instagram following, you should think about which hashtags your intended audience is most likely to follow and start include them in your photos.

7. Optimize your Instagram bio for maximum exposure.

But, you need to have an interesting and informative profile (and website, if you’re linked to one) for people to follow you. Introduce your brand to new readers in the limited space of 150 characters. Tell them what they can anticipate from you and why they should follow you.

You may simply attract new Instagram followers from the people who already follow you on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Give your current followers a cause to check out your Instagram by posting a link to it on your other pages. In order to attract more followers, you may host a giveaway or provide a discount code that can only be used on Instagram. If you want to give potential followers an idea of what they may expect from you on Instagram, you can showcase some of your greatest work here.

8. Include Instagram Photos Into Your Blogs

Embedding Instagram material is a great idea if you run a blog or website that emphasises visuals like images, charts, or infographics (like we do here). An embed with links, like the one below, allows for a more engaging experience and drives more people to your profile.

9. Reasons to Make Instagram Highlight Reels

Until recently, Instagram’s favoured format was Stories, but now it’s Reels, which is a competitor to TikTok.

Instagram’s algorithm gives Reels a higher placement on the Explore page. The software also has a separate area for these mobile videos. There, visitors may browse an unending flow of Reels that have been algorithmically curated to cater to their specific preferences.

10. Provide stuff that is worth reading and sharing

When deciding what to post on Instagram, bear in mind that users are likely to share information that they find useful or enjoyable. This might be anything from an encouraging comment to a visually appealing infographic.

When a user publishes a post from your feed to their Instagram Story, their viewers will be able to access your profile with a simple touch. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and expand your fan base.