A Comprehensive Guide To Using TikTok For Professional Purposes In 2023

Entering the TikTok universe in the proper way could help you increase your business’s exposure and your social media following. To help you maximise the platform for your company, we have compiled the definitive guide.

The Definition of Tiktok…

TikTok is a relatively new social networking programme where we regularly encounter brief video clips created and shared by its users. You may watch as many short videos as you like without interruption, and you can even customise your feed to only show you the content that interests you. Anyone with an account and an internet connection can upload a video, gain an audience, gain popularity through the exchange of likes, and distribute their content across several social media sites.

Users typically favour lighter and more humorous videos, though this choice varies widely. Because it is the birthplace of so many now-common practises, TikTok also offers a surprising amount of fun for a social media site.

To What Extent Does It Affect Your Company?

One common misperception is that only young individuals frequent this site. Despite the fact that teenagers and young adults make up the app’s largest user base, people of all ages may be found on TikTok nowadays.

TikTok is used by its users to find entertainment and keep up with current trends. This is how you’ll know if it’s useful for your business, given that you’ll need to be abreast of and able to leverage the platform’s current fun advertising trends to stay competitive.

If your company is serious about marketing itself, there may be a TikTok audience for you to target. It’s a matter of getting in front of the correct audience, but you presumably already know that compared to the more artistic and entertaining aspects of TikTok, this could be a smaller pool of potential clients. So, it’s up to you and your company to decide if the investment of time, money, and energy will be worthwhile.

Brands’ Use of the Platform to Boost Conversion Rates

Since TikTok has grown to be such a sizable community, it now features a variety of advertising options. Providing your company with a wide range of potential next steps!


By using native advertising, businesses can have their promotional films appear in the for-you feed of a TikTok user. Users are aware that they are viewing an advertisement because advertisements always have a link to the company’s website at the very bottom. Similar to Google AdWords, this feature allows brands to place bids on ad placement in an effort to reach a more precise audience.

Native advertising can increase engagement and sales if used properly, i.e., if your brand is able to reach its target demographic. Your success on TikTok will depend on your video ad, your knowledge of the platform’s demographics, and your ability to craft engaging content for your intended audience.

Takeover advertising is still another option. When a user launches the app, they’ll be presented with a full-screen version of the ad you’ve selected. Putting yourself in the shoes of a viewer, viewing multiple commercials when you just want to scroll for pleasure can be bothersome, thus users will only see one of them per day. As a result, it might be highly costly to promote with such ads. This is something to think about if you’re deciding whether or not it’s a good idea for the corporation to invest in this kind of advertising. There is only one chance to convince someone to click on to your website or app download page, no matter how persuasive your ad is.

TikTok’s sponsored hashtags are a form of advertising in which businesses issue challenges to users with catchy hashtags in an effort to gain exposure. The participation of a wide range of people makes this a highly effective advertising strategy. If you click on a sponsored hashtag, you’ll be directed to a page with details about the challenge, a logo for the sponsoring brand, the most popular videos for that challenge, and a link to the sponsor’s website or another call to action.

It’ll cost you a pretty penny to have your sponsored hashtag featured on TikTok’s discovery banner. Hashtag challenges can be organised in a different method that is conceptually similar but requires fewer resources while still being very effective.