How To Boost Your Instagram Profile?

It’s not as simple as it once was to expand your Instagram following and achieve your professional objectives. The widely used and simplistic #followforfollow may have helped in the near term, but ultimately, it wasn’t enough to make your profile stand out from the crowd. Genuine engagement from your followers and the subsequent acquisition of targeted, high-quality traffic would take a considerable amount of time.

More and more firms have developed specialised bots to handle this issue. All you had to do was provide them your profile information and they’d do the rest. At least, until Instagram begun actively removing them. We weren’t shocked, therefore consider that as confirmation that you should focus on organic growth of your audience.

How can I organically expand my Instagram following?

Publish high-quality works frequently

Although it appears simple, many people struggle to do it. Instagram is more than “another platform” to post “some random pictures” Like every other significant social media site, Instagram calls for planning. Or at least a course of action to take. You can’t make progress towards your professional objectives without it. So think about what you’re posting, change your approach if it isn’t working (you can utilise Sotrender to see whether you’re on the right track and getting your brand the best potential results!), and share something that is actually useful to your readers. In addition, Instagram Stories may be used to boost interaction even further.

Adhere to the practises of your rivals… and their fans

You may learn useful things from your rivals. They likely have a larger following than you do at this point if they’ve been using Instagram for longer than you have. Find them on your list, and then follow them, connecting with them as you see fit. One way to show appreciation is to like and comment on their posts. Take care, though! If you push Instagram too far and surpass certain daily restrictions, it may label your activity as spam.

Finding out what kinds of material your rivals use and what actually works is an important part of benchmarking for the sake of developing your own content. The lessons learned from their strategy’s success can then be applied to your own.

Use cross-promotion to your advantage

You certainly aren’t alone in having to start small and expand organically over time. Connect with like-minded individuals or companies. It’s good to promote your profile on other people’s profiles rather often. To the extent that they attract your target audience, even micro-influencers may be useful partners for your company.

Make sure to include relevant hashtags

While Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, most major firms only use a handful. No one is suggesting that you use hashtags that have nothing to do with your brand, since that will do you no good at all. But if you’re in marketing or actively use social media, you should at least make an effort to think beyond the box, right?

Tell others about your Instagram activity

Time is of the essence; it has not yet been publicised that your company has an Instagram account. Share information about your Instagram and a link to it on your other social media and professional networking profiles.


If you take an interest in the profiles of your followers (and not just them), they will feel appreciated. You may increase user involvement with your brand by reposting their most popular or innovative material. If they are unfamiliar with your company, this might be the opportunity for them to learn about you. One of the most well-known third-party programmes that lets you repost photographs is called “Repost.”

Discover your demographics

There may not be many people using the hashtag you’re thinking of using (especially if it’s in your original language), but those who do may be exactly who and what you’re looking for.

Consider holding a contest

Instagram contests are popular because users seldom have to go out of their way to enter. Put together something for your fans and try out a short contest. Every contest submission may be helpful and meaningful; it doesn’t have to be elaborate or even particularly interesting.